Hello! I'm Kim. I bought Wild Horse Ranch in July 2017 with my husband, Alex — after selling our downtown Denver townhome (and with absolutely zero ranch experience!).

During my stint as a city dweller, I loved gardening on my rooftop, cooking, baking, hosting dinner parties, antiquing and decorating with my vintage finds. A dining table set with antique silver, new linens, vintage glassware, a splash of color, old crockery filled with flowers and a silver bucket filled with ice and champagne… très bien! 

In 2003, I co-owned an award-winning store in the heart of LoDo inspired: Paris Loft. The concept was to replicate how a loft in Paris would be furnished; antiques, flea market finds, local artwork, scented candles, vintage posters, chandeliers, jewelry, French milled soaps and more. I changed paths in 2007, but my love for curating and mixing things old and new always remained.

While the transition from vibrant downtown living to the peaceful harmony of ranch life has taken me time to adjust to, a love of the outdoors has anchored me here, deep in the mountains - with a sprawling valley backdrop. 


In the summer, you will still find me tending to my garden, (my ranch garden is surrounded by ever-changing wildflowers and is much larger than my former rooftop version), cutting the wildflowers for vases and pots, tending to my brood of chickens, hiking, taking my Jeep for a trail ride, sitting in the sun — watching the sunrise and set in our valley. 

I've created space for small, tranquil moments and in the process of building my home here, I find myself decorating with the same sensibilities I used to rely on when sourcing items for Paris Loft — conversation starters with French flair, elegance and utility.   

Travel & Other Influences

The new and vintage pieces I collect for Red Cattle Mercantile are inspired by favorite places to travel: France, Mexico and the American Southwest.


The relaxed open-air markets, cafes, wine shops and brasseries — all places steeped in history and with artisan skills handed down for generations. The windows brimming with perfectly ripe cheeses, patisserie and freshly baked bread have all inspired the way I entertain at home back here in the States: always start with a well-curated charcuterie board!

Southwestern America

I'm originally from Arizona, where my dad bought me my first pair of cowboy boots at 12. Indian rugs, pottery, turquoise jewelry, cacti, citrus trees, Mexican food, and silver are all cherished relics of my childhood.

I also adore the unique shops in Santa Fe — the low lying adobe buildings and homes, the churches, cathedrals and museums set along winding roads that will surely and happily get you lost.  I always shop at the Indian Market along the Palace of the Governors for hand made turquoise jewelry and end up buying yet another ring to add to my collection! I crave spicy green and red chili, posole, Frito Pie, Gruet sparkling wine and spicy margaritas during my visits.

The Ocean

I'm drawn to the expansive ocean, which inspires entertaining with denim tablecloths with blue-rimmed glassware alongside brightly hand painted bowls and vases that I purchased in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. 

New is Nice. Vintage is Extraordinary.

My love of vintage was influenced a bit by my grandmother Loretta. She taught me how to crochet, knit, darn socks, and sew on buttons she collected in a blue Mason jar. She was a simple home cook who could turn one chicken into several different meals for a family of six. Loretta experienced the Great Depression as a young woman. In the kitchen as in life, nothing was ever wasted. She tended a garden and could whip up a mean rhubarb pie. Our Italian neighbor Ida, grew massive amounts of tomatoes in her garden; so Loretta would swap rhubarb for tomatoes and make an amazing, homemade red sauce. Her "waste not, want not" philosophy sticks with me to this day and I believe contributes to my "what's old is new again" sensibility. 

Antiquing is not for everyone – it takes a lot of patience, imagination and a comfortable pair of shoes! As with any vintage find, there will be signs of its vibrant past life. There may be imperfections in glazes on bowls and platters such as crackling and fading. Patinas on copper and brass take years to develop and give these items a beautiful history. Woods fade and splinter, metal buckets rust and dent. Each exclusive piece has its own unique personality that makes it yours, with a history to tell. 

Each piece is carefully and thoughtfully curated for your enjoyment. I look for usefully elegant items that I would use here on the ranch — practical beauties that my grandmother Loretta would've loved.