Sourcing products for Red Cattle Mercantile gives me great pleasure! While I am out and about, looking for unique pieces to share with you, I keep a few things in mind. When shopping for ceramics and china, I prefer to always buy pieces made in Europe, Mexico and the USA. I adore crystal glassware and as my husband Alex notes, "How many wine glasses do we need"? Well, I think that is a silly question to which I reply, "as many as it takes". I always run my finger along the lip of each glass to assure there are no chips. I inspect the bases as well as I want you to have a beautiful, clear glass to raise for a toast! Pottery, vases and pitchers are inspected in a similar way. I look for ceramics that are made in Europe or the USA and I will always turn them over to see if there is a stamp from the maker. I want you and your family to enjoy pieces that have a lovely history and will withstand a few more generations of use. I collect pieces that I will be able to hand down to my children. They have been used at my family gatherings over the years and I love that we have created memories with my silver, glassware, pottery, crockery and platters! I have included a bit of information on the brands that I look fore while sourcing for my website.

IRONSTONE: Ironstone china or ware is most commonly referred to as just "Ironstone". It was first made in the UK in the early 19th century. There is no iron in Ironstone. Its name is derived from its notable strength and durability. I personally love how the patina on my platters gets more creamy and soft with use. When Ironstone is vintage, the glaze may "crackle" to varying degrees - which I appreciate. My Ironstone collection continues to grow and I think even Alex appreciates it!

FRANCOMA POTTERY: An American pottery company located in Oklahoma. Francoma was founded by John Franik in 1933. The name was derived from Frank's first name and the last three letters in Oklahoma. I love that fact! All Francoma pottery is made in the USA from locally dug clay. I appreciate the muted shades that the maker uses and I look for unusual shapes and sizes. His pottery always adds in interesting pop of color and hues that I really enjoy!

RED WING POTTERY: Like Francoma, Red Wing Pottery is made in the USA and was founded back in 1861 by another man named John. The factory is still in use today, over 100 years later! The style of Red Wing Pottery that I enjoy has a bit of western flair. I look for cowboys, ropes, horseshoes and other "Ranchy" images in the pottery. Red Wing tends to age well and I love how it looks hand thrown and rustic. 

HANDMADE CHARCUTERIE BOARDS: The charcuterie boards that I offer on Red Cattle Mercantile are handmade by a local Colorado craftsman and artist. Steve owns his own woodworking and metal working studio in the Denver area. He is meticulous in his designs and creative in mind and spirit. His boards are not only beautiful, the are of heirloom quality that will last for many, many years with a little care. The boards will become a beautiful addition to your home and my hope is that you use them often and in good health!