Meet the Red Cattle


Lynda is our “yellow” Highlander named for our Aunt Lynda who in real life is married to Uncle Pat. Lynda and Patricia are always side by side (just as Uncle Pat and and Lynda are!)  Both Lynda’s are elegantly unique, and we look forward to blending the beautiful yellow Highlander in the herd. 


Patricia, for Alex's Uncle Pat who is full of engaging stories, and never far from kind words. Best of all growing up; Uncle Pat was famous for his desserts. Bulging sundaes festooned with any and every ingredient and mocha cakes are always crowd pleasers. Uncle Pat takes great pride in knowing that Patricia is a doting new mama!  


Laverne is named for Alex's Uncle Laverne - mercifully called Uncle Russ. Uncle Laverne was legendary in his native Port Arthur, Ontario. He could be counted on to fire the historic park cannons aimed at possible invaders plying Lake Superior. (This was of course frowned upon by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) Young Laverne was also known to take the occasional leave from school by strategically placing moldy cheese or fish in the school's ventilation system. That way, everybody got a day off! 

Not to be outdone, our Laverne is all attitude at altitude. She does not respect the 40,000 volt fence; and takes her leave whenever the notion hits her. Happily, she will also return just as easily. Our Laverne is often seen cheerfully bucking and spinning around to her own beat in a most un-cow like manner. 

Baby Fergus

In April 2019, we welcomed the newest addition to the herd when Patricia gave birth to baby Fergus. After several months of guessing that Pat might be pregnant (but being too polite to ask), our suspicions were confirmed when we saw a curly new mop of red fur wobbling its way around the pasture. Fergus means, "man of vigor" which will someday be true when he fathers his own calf!


A special thank you to Derek and Joan Burney for starting our herd with our girls; Patricia, Lynda and Laverne.